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June 2020

This month of magazine covers a diversified health care topics. Mainly its covers various viral. Much talked Corona, is also cover and how to safeguard ... Full story

May 2020

As summer season knocks the country, various common disease also tags with the summer season. This month health and wellness magazine mainly cover various diseases ... Full story

April 2020

As corona COVID-19 has scared the world, the current month of wellness magazine widely covers COVID 19. Various ways to increase the immunity of body ... Full story

March 2020

Health and wellness magazine published in current month is all about Women's health care. Women heath care is like and offshoot branch of medicine that ... Full story


Health and wellness magazine in Hindi, current issues of the Hindi health and wellness magazines mainly covers topic on cancer and its treatments, The homeopathy ... Full story


The first issue of the year 2020, is all about skin care. Not only skin care for women, but also emphasizes various skin care for ... Full story

December 2019

The articles published in the current month of the Health and wellness magazine is for various diseases and cures,mainly in adults.Covers various health issues prevalent ... Full story

November 2019

Heath and wellness magazine for the current months mainly covers health and habits among infant and small kids. Various habbit and activities to be carried ... Full story

October 2019

Health And wellness Magazine for the current month cover a life threatening disease. Dengu Viral fevar that hits the blood platelet can be a life ... Full story

September 2019

September Issue of the Hindi wellness Magazine "Sehat Evam Surat"is focused on mainly heart related issues. various home remedies and preventive therapy for heart patients ... Full story

August 2019

August Issue of the Hindi wellness Magazine "Sehat Evam Surat" covers wide range of health topics. It covers various diseases and it natural remedies that ... Full story


Among all the veins in the human body Varicose veins., is the large veins that apopears in the legs. These veins when swollen can be prominently ... Full story

June 2019

Naturopathy treatment has been one of the most explored and accepted treatment by various patients that are looking for therapy without any Medicine. The main ... Full story


Current month issue of health and wellness magazine  is a all about body care in summer season. It covers issue like prickly heat, that skin ... Full story

April 2019

Current month issue of Sehat Evam Surat magazine focuses exclusively on homeopathy medicines. It elaborately emphasizes on treatment of chronic disease based on homeopathy medicine, ... Full story

March 2019

This month issue of the homeopathy magazine is mainly a women issue. Covers various health care  of women and also issues arising with women. Some ... Full story

February 2019

Homeopathy treatment of Prostate Cancer and various treatment and remedies from Prostate cancer available in homeopathy is broadly covered in the current issue of homeopathy ... Full story

January 2019

The health and wellness hindi magazine published this month is mainly a winter issue. It broadly covers topics and diseases that every person is prone ... Full story

December 2018

Mental stress and lead to many diseases. There are various remedies and naturopathy that can help a person to ober come mental stress resulting i ... Full story


Some of the diseases that even kids are prone to are covered broadly in this issue. Various symtoms and naturaopathy treatments and precaution that can ... Full story

total: 130 | displaying: 1 - 20